Affordable Blankets for Your Restaurant

Countless restaurants across the world have been able to stay open thanks to outdoor dining. Government permits have enabled restaurants to extend dining on sidewalks and parking spaces, breathing novelty to this industry.

To keep outdoor dining alive during the colder months of fall and winter, restaurants have been mobilizing. To see how restaurants are adapting, read our post titled: “How will outdoor dining survive in winter during Covid-19?”

Among these restaurant adaptions, blankets will likely be implemented by all for their affordability and practicality. Some may perceive it as an odd sighting but many colder states have been using them well before the pandemic.

Continue reading to help decide which affordable blankets to buy for your restaurant.

Lightweight Throws by H&M

Source: H&M

Atlanta restaurant Lazy Betty has been using pastel-colored lightweight throws even before the pandemic. Their use was to help foster a welcoming and comfortable dining experience for guests. The pastel colors also played a functional role in complimenting their fine-dining aesthetics.

Their throws are sourced from H&M and are currently available on sale for $19.99. Check them out here.

Eco-Friendly with Custom Embroidery

Source: Discount Mugs

If you eco-friendly matches your restaurant theme, these eco blankets by Discount Mugs will be a perfect match. They even offer embroidery of your restaurant’s name and logo if you feel inclined to brand your blankets.

Fleece Blankets

Source: WebstaurantStore

These fleece blankets are often used in hotels for their comfort and durability. Who says they can’t also be used in restaurants? Being queen-sized and made with 100% polyester, these blankets are bound to do the trick. They ship very fast and are available on

Alternatively, has similar ones with options for branding. The lowest price is $4.80 for just one. An order of 72 units has a unit price of just $5.15 each for a total of $371.

Thermal Blankets

Source: Direct Textile Store has thermal blankets available for wholesale purchases and ships within 48 hours. They consist of a 55% cotton and 45% polyester blend and tightly woven for a thermal effect. A case has a quantity of 50 blankets at $7.48 each which totals at only $374.

Fleece Blankets from Amazon

Source: Amazon

Of course amazon would be the first place for many to look but falls short on custom-branded blankets. If branding isn’t a deal breaker, then these 100% fleece blankets are an extremely affordable and comfortable option. These throw blankets cost $99 for a pack of 24 and there are various colors to choose from. View them here.

Disposable Blankets

Source: blogTO

Looking for something dirt cheap, effective, and disposable? Canadian restaurant C’est What has been using thermal space blankets to help keep their customers warm. Priced at around $1, they are cost-effective enough to be given to the customer without having to worry about laundering them after each use.

Space blankets can be bought in bulk on Uline or everywhere on the internet.

BYOBlanket Campaigns

While it’s a good idea to have your own blankets on deck, there are campaigns aimed at encouraging diners to bring their own blankets.

Connecticut for instance is setting up signs reminding customers to “dress warmly and treat dining out like going to a football game.” Not a bad way to phrase it, is it?

Source: Rhode Island Monthly

In Rhode Island, the Rhode Island Hospitality Association is also running campaigns to encourage diners to bring their own blankets. They are actively asking diners to take pictures with their blankets while dining out and to add the hashtag #BYOBlanket to win a gift card. To enter, diners have to also tag @RIHospitality to enter.

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