5 Profit-Boosting Apps for Restaurants (Not Delivery)

Check out these must-have apps that can actually boost profits. In an industry where razor-thin margins are a common problem, every dollar saved counts!

We have refrained from mentioning 3rd party delivery apps because they are already widely known. Instead, we mentioned apps that will appeal to the savvy restaurateur who knows the power of working smart and being strategic.

Here are 5 profit-boosting apps for restaurants that every restaurant should consider.


Thinking about putting the control of online ordering and delivery in YOUR hands? ChowBot is a POS system that allows restaurants to OWN their online delivery instead of outsourcing it for a hefty price.

Restaurants are able to sync their menu to their online ordering site with updates made on-the-fly. Customers can see the menu exactly how they would see it at the restaurant and complete order online for takeout or delivery. Furthermore, the order is directly uploaded in the restaurants database.

You can think of ChowBot as e-commerce for restaurants.

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No more losing precious time shifting through a mess of papers, excel spreadsheets, and invoices to evaluate your spending.

BlueCart allows restaurants to easily order supplies through their web and mobile platform. Restaurant managers will enjoy the convenience of having all their products and suppliers in one centralized place.

Not only can supplies be ordered from the comfort of one’s couch, BlueCart also seamlessly hosts key analytics. Users can set budgets, return damaged or extra products, and be alerted of supplies that need to be re-ordered urgently. View reports in real time to make better forecasting decisions and easily spot opportunities to increase margins.

By increasing accuracy with forecasting supplies, restaurants can eliminate food waste and save more than they may realize.

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Not an app that directly affects restaurant operations but literally puts you in front of industry trends as they are unfolding. Always being “in the know” is a surefire way to maximize the chances of making profitable decisions.

We all get bombarded with information we don’t really need to know when it comes to surfing the web. Feedly cuts through the noise and curates blogs, news articles, and other content that is truly relevant to their users.

Restaurants managers or owners can have all the latest restaurant trends and news come to them with no effort. They can even share industry insights gathered form the latest news with their team in an effort to start capitalizing on the latest trends!

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Toast is a restaurant POS platform that operates smoothly with your entire restaurant and is highly integratabtle.

It streamlines restaurant operations with it’s suite of technology from handheld POS systems, online ordering platform, and even payroll management.

Time is money and having all restaurant operations in one centralized place saves a ton of time and headache.

Additionally, with Toast, diners will be able to make orders on their own mobile devices. Contactless options are bound to help attract more diners in this time of the pandemic.

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Every restaurant knows that dine-in guests bring the most profitable returns and that dining-in will NEVER go out of style. In fact, there is a forever-growing, passionate group of people identified as “foodies” who live for the restaurant experience.

ChowEasy helps local restaurants get discovered by people who love dining in restaurants. Through the ChowEasy app, restaurants create a promo anonymously and diners enter a bid. Once a bid matches the restaurant promo, the restaurant name is revealed to the bidder and he/she becomes a new customer!

The diner discovers a new local restaurant and saves while the restaurant gets a new, quality dine-in customer.

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