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4 Major Ways To Support Restaurants During COVID-19

Local Restaurants Depend On Your Help

With the recent Coronavirus outbreak, businesses are being struck hard. Social distancing has been ordered to help prevent the spread of the viral outbreak. Though it is completely necessary, it has forced restaurants to close it’s dine-in operations. As a result, the restaurant industry is estimated to lose 15.6 million workers and 1/4 of annual sales. So what can be done to support restaurants during COVID-19?

All restaurants are feeling the weight on their business but a little help from their loyal customers can help! Below are 4 major ways you can help your favorite restaurant during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Order Takeout

Local Restaurant with a 'takeout' sign during COVID-19
Many restaurants are still open for takeout and some are even incorporating it into their operations for the first time ever

Since many restaurants have been forced to shut down, they are forced to modify their business practices. Establishments have now opted to limit orders to drive-thru and take out only.

The pandemic doesn’t have to stop you from having a meal from your favorite restaurant. There is no concrete evidence that the virus can spread through food or the packaging.

For further assurance, you can even opt in for no-contact delivery. With this option, the restaurant will drop it off in a designated spot like in the hallway or front porch. Panera bread even implemented “pickup shelves” where customers pick up orders left on the counter and continue on with their day.

Since restaurants are making sudden adjustments, they are highly likely to update customers via social media. Check their social media pages for new delivery options or something akin to the Panera Bread’s pickup shelves.

Social media post from a local restaurant about their delivery options during the coronavirus outbreak
Social media is the fastest way to get updated on delivery options

Buy Gift Cards

gift cards from local restaurants are a great way to help during the Coronavirus epidemic
“Gift cards are like interest-free loans” – Steve Mchugh, chef and owner of Cured in San Antonio

Stocking up on gift cards is an excellent way you can help your favorite restaurant survive during the Coronavirus outbreak. When you buy, say a $25 gift card, the funds are instantly deposited into the restaurant. The result is like sowing the seeds for recuperation.

Surprisingly, many have been sold lately and restaurant owners have shown appreciative feedback. So go ahead and stock up on some gift cards for future birthday or holiday gifts! Get them for yourself even. If it’s one of your favorite restaurants, chances are you’re going to eat there anyway. You could even use the gift cards to buy merch such as t-shirts or mugs to support the business.

A local restaurants online merch webpage displaying items for sale during COVID-19
Not hungry? You can still use gift cards to buy restaurant merch

Sign A Petition To Support Restaurants During COVID-19

A man signing a petition online to help support restaurants during COVID-19
Online petitions calling for Government action are rallying tons of support

Currently there are many petitions going around to support restaurants during COVID-19 and you can easily contribute. You can find a petition to sign on Among these petitions are:

  • A Call for Government action to help support food servers
  • Calls for emergency employment benefits for laid off workers
  • Requests to waive payroll tax
  • Rent and loan abatement requests
  • Permit requests for the delivery of alcohol by the bottle
  • Requests to waive zoning restrictions to allow interaction with potential customers via booths or tables outside

These petitions are quickly rallying up more support. A petition called “Save American Restaurants” for example had over 60,000 signatures just last week. Celebrity chefs like Alice Waters, James Beard, and more are also endorsing these petitions.

Write Positive Reviews and Give 5-Star Ratings

Giving a positive review on listings such as Yelp will help restaurants get a surge of new business as soon as things go back to normal

Here’s a powerful way you can use your time in quarantine to support your favorite restaurant. Positive reviews and ratings on local listing sites like Google and yelp go a long way for staying in business. Now that were encouraged to stay home, why not spend time on writing a quality review? When restaurants re-open, the positive review could help them hit the ground running by attracting a surge of new business.

Choose To Support Restaurants During COVID-19 Today

Is there a restaurant that’s been heavy on your mind (and stomach) during the Coronavirus outbreak? Restaurant owners work hard to host a memorable experience, support their employees and their families. You most likely dine at your favorite restaurant for more than just the food. Local restaurants have been the hub for a host of memorable conversations, budding friendships, and family-bonding. They bring our community to life. Let’s be proactive and give back today!

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